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Chateau Biston Brillette

Chateau Biston Brillette was established in the beginning of 19th century. The chateau´s greatest time was about 1860 when the vineyards covered about 30 hectares. The phylloxera damaged the vineyards and the recovery took long time. It was most probably also caused by the fact that the chateau was may times sold. Michel Barbarin bought the estate in 1963 and started new history of the Chateau Biston Brillette.

Nowadays the vineyards cover 25 hectares and are about 18 years old on average.


Chateau Biston Brillette

It is traditionally produced wine with great focus on high quality of the wine. Grape varieties include Cabernet Sauvignon (55%), Merlot (40%) and Petit Verdot (5%). The grapes are carefully selected then for 2-3 weeks macerated. Ageing takes 12 - 14 months in barrels (25-35% are new ones).

The wine can be aged for 8 to 15 years.

Chateau Biston


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Chateau Biston-Brillette

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