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Chateau de la Bonneliere

Chateau de la Bonneliere is located in the southern part of Chinon Appellation and it covers 15 hectares. The soil consits from flint and clay. Chateau is known for not using any chemicals during the wine production and growing.

Chateau owns family Plouzeau since 1846. Since 1998 it is managed by Marc Plouzeau. He started the conversion of vineyards to organic farming.

As the wines are blended and bottled, they are stored in cave under Chinon castle with constant temperature at 12įC and hygrometry at 80%. The cave can store 150 000 bottles on 1500 square meters. Stones extracted from this cave were used during construction of Chinon castle.


Chinon Chateau de la Bonneliere

Chinon has ruby-red color and aroma of merello cherries and redcurrant. When bottled it is well balanced with an excellent tannic quality and taste of freshness and notes of liquorices.

Grapes are harvested by machines and manually from vines that are about 20 years old. Fermentation takes 3-5 weeks.

Yearly production is about 50 000 bottles.

The wine is suitable for long keeping.

Chinon Chapelle

Red wine with beautiful aroma of red fruit with dominant cassis and smooth tannins.

Only the top quality grapes (Cabernet Franc) are selected for this wine. The grapes are manually harvested into baskets to protect them from damage. Fermentation, which takes 3 weeks, is finished in oak barrels. Then wine is bottled and stored for 12 months in cellar.

Annual production is 7000 bottles.

Excellent wine for ageing.

Chinon Rouge Rive Gauche

Clear and bright ruby red wine. Wine is characterized by its delicate bouquet of blackberry, raspberry and liquorices.

The vine varietal Cabernet France used for this wine is produced on 6 hectares close to the river Vienna. After manual harvesting the fermentation lasts 3 weeks.

There are produced 30000 bottles each year.

Chinon Rose Rive Gauche

Very aromatic rose wine with aroma of raspberries.

Harvest is manual to small baskets. Annual production is 8000 bottles.

Touraine Sauvignon "Les devants de la Bonneliere"

White wine with light color and bouquet of citrus fruits and peach.

No surprise - the wine is produced from the Sauvignon grape from 3 hectares area on left bank of river Vienna.

Touraine Rose "Les Devants de la Bonneliere"

Fruity rose wine with aromas of raspberry and strawberries with freshness of pink grapefruit.

Grapes of varietal Cabernet Franc are grown on the left bank of river Vienna on 2 hectares.

Touraine Gamay

Ruby red wine, its color is very clear and bright. It is very harmonious wine. When you taste it, you will feel aromas of cherries and strawberries together with spices.

Ante Phylloxera

The wine is made from exceptional vines (Cabernet Franc) in fenced 40 acres area, which survived the phylloxera in 1860.

The vines are so close to each other and machines cannot be used - all operation is done manually. After harvest into baskets the fermentation takes 3 weeks. Wine is not filtered before bottling.

Only 1200 bottles are produced annually.


Office and Wine Cellars
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